The Blue Elephant Cookbook

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We made reservations to eat lunch in the Blue Elephant restaurant in Phuket City in Thailand. The restaurant and Blue Elephant cooking school is located in the Phuket Governor Mansion in a park-like garden in the middle of Phuket City in the south of the Phuket Island in Thailand.

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Ultimate Home Cooking

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Look at my copy of Ultimate Home Cooking by Gordon Ramsey! I like to mark recipes I want to try later with a little colourful Post-it Index strip – as you can see; I will have to come back to this book more than once.

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Nigella Easter egg nest cake

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My version of Nigella easter egg nest cakeHappy Easter

Nigella Lawson is one of my favourite cookbook writers, the TV shows also mean that I feel I know her a little. I can hear her voice when I read out the recipes. So they are more than recipes, they are stories and a connection to another human being.

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