Around the world in 80 dishes

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David Loftus is following the footsteps of Phileas Fogg and are taking us on a journey around the world in 80 dishes.

Genius idea to make a book with 80 recipes using inspiration from the locations on route around the world. Small stories spice up the reading and inspire you to cook many of the dishes from this book.

Many famous chefs like Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal, Bella Bellissima and Gennaro Contaldo contribute the recipes, including David Loftus himself.


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Cooking for a crowd

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The first page of the book will give you an index of the recipes put together to give you help in choosing what to cook for any occasion. You can choose from 35 menus.

The menus vary from a small crowd to a large party of 50. It will help you prepare for an Aprés-ski soup party or a family reunion.

There are no pictures in the book, which is a shame, as I think these are a good help, when preparing any dish for the first time. Also, make sure you have cup measures at hand.

The dishes I have cooked from this book have all been a success, and I especially like the notes about what you can prepare in advance – a great help when cooking for large groups of people.


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Proper Pub Food

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This book is full of proper man-food. Full of flavour and without the pressure that comes from preparing food that is too complicated for your home kitchen.

Tom Kerridge owns The Hand & Flowers pub in Marlow, a “gastro-pub” with Michelin star accreditation. He also won the main course of the “Great British Menu” in both 2010 and 2011.

The winning dish of 2010; “Slow Cooked Duck Breast with Savoy Cabbage, Duck Fat Chips and Gravy” is on the menu, served at The Hand & Flowers.

The book does include a lot of “slow-roasting” which means you need to prepare ahead, but the meat you get from slow roasting is always so rewarding.

This book from 2013 is already one of my favourites.


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Eating in, easy food for family and friends

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Why eat out when you can stay home and enjoy good food?

The Australian Women´s Weekly cookbooks have a special place in my life and in my bookshelf. You know that every recipe has been triple tested, but that comes second to the inspiration you can get from these books.

This book I have selected and recommened for you is full of easy delicious no-fuss food that works equally well for familiy and party with friends. I trust you will find something here you will like.

The book is available both as new and used on Amazon – do try this option, you get really god value for you money and access to titles that is otherwise no longer available.


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Save with Jamie

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Shop smart, cook clever, waste less are buzzwords of today. This is how it used to be in the old days, so not a new idea, but maybe we need a bit of help to get back to this mind-set.

Jamie is teaching us tricks on how to use up the stuff we have bought and not just throw it away.

I cannot wait to serve my family the “Zombie brain” from page 54 – brain is not on the list of ingredients, but one large celeriac is!

Another fun dish I will have to try is the “Snake in the hole” from page 146 – it is nice to have a bit of fun when you are cooking.




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Flavours of Provence

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I love the pictures in this book – it makes me want to go there every time I look at them. I have cooked some of the recipes and they are just as pleasing.

 Why not try “boeuf en daube provencale et macaronnade” or “boeuf gardian”.


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The Scandinavian light is shining thru the page of this book, cool calm and different.

You will get the recipe for Pickled Herring and a very interesting recipe for “gløgg” – mulled wine, using sour cherries and almonds. I will have to try the mulled wine on a cold winter’s day.

The author Signe Johansen grew up in Norway but now lives in London. She has worked with Heston Blumenthal at the Fat Duck in Bray. She also runs a blog:


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Fountainhead Food

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Fountainhead cork oak Fountainhead food

I knew I had to travel to the Fountainhead Retreat Hotel in Andalucía, Spain after reading the introduction to Helen Bartlett’s book Fountainhead Food. I am equally sure, after having stayed there, that I want to come back to both the place and the food.

Less than an hour’s drive from the beaches of Costa del Sol, with its back to the sun, facing the stunning landscape and mountain ridge north of Riogordo lies this little Hotel of only four suites, from where you can wonder up the hill when the sun is setting, to enjoy a splendid meal in her restaurant.

The book Fountainhead Food, cooking in Andalucía is full for flavour and vibrant colours. The produce grown locally has surely been the inspiration. You can find pomegranate, chestnuts, figs, almonds, mangoes, avocado, lemon, orange, grapes, olives, tomatoes, onions, herbs and peppers in this area, sold at the weekly markets in the small towns.

You will find a recipe for Partridge terrine in the book, served in the restaurant slightly altered to a Chicken terrine, but still very good and very tasty served with plum and fig chutney and crispy fried sage leaves.

I was fortuned to spend some time with Helen, walking in the orchard, gently picking almonds and talking about the past and the future. She cleverly learned more about me than I did about her, but I still appreciate the time and the talk. I learned that Helen is working on a new book; I believe the team is vegetarian cooking and I look forward to trying out the recipes.


The book and the place both comes highly recommended


Helen is also a keen collector of cookbook, she has found many treasures at Books for Cooks in Notting Hill, London. I will check out this place next time I am in the area and let you know what I find.

Fountainhead before dinnerFountainhead chicken terrineFountainhead tempura

Fountainhead suite ArizonaFountainhead almonds


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Short-order Cook

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Comfort food from start to finish – not for the all the good new year’s resolutions, but to make you happy. It will save you the money, when you want to cook the type of food you would otherwise have to go to the diner or restaurant to get.

The recipes are not too complicated and it should not take you long to finish a dish, the dishes are designed to be finished in 30 minutes or less.


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Green is the new Orange

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Green salad Eat clean with Superfoods

Eat clean with Superfood has been added to the long list of favourite books from AWW, it is packed with very eye pleasing, healthy and delicious dinners, lunches or breakfast.

I recommend the Mexican beef and corn salad. We used flat iron steak, which came out perfect - just look at the pictures. This was the first time I made Pepita sauce with pumpkin seed kernels, coriander etc. - very nice!

The Salad niçoise with lentils and salmon was lovely, served as a Sunday brunch. I listened to a friend’s advice "no week-end without Champagne", served in a nice glass from Lyngby Glas

Learn to cook without the starch and feel better - guaranteed

Mexican beef Salad nicoise

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Slow Cooking

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I was slow – it took a while before I started cooking from this book – and that is a shame!

I know the benefits of slow cooking and I would say especially if you are having a party – do the work early and avoid the dreadful last minute stress – the result is fantastic food with minimum effort! (Like it says on the cover)

James Martin makes food with lots of spices. He is hitting taste buds from all over the world.

You may think this kind of cooking is complicated – but it is not, nor does it have to be expensive.

Give it a go – I am sure you will find a new favourite in this book


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The Blue Elephant Cookbook

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We made reservations to eat lunch in the Blue Elephant restaurant in Phuket City in Thailand. The restaurant and Blue Elephant cooking school is located in the Phuket Governor Mansion in a park-like garden in the middle of Phuket City in the south of the Phuket Island in Thailand.






The view to the garden was nice from the bay window area. The staff served the food courteously. We enjoyed a Menam Chicken Soup (Tom Kha Kai) served in a coconut and Lamb Curry (Massaman Kae).

It was impossible to leave without purchasing this lovely book to remind me of this lunch on a November day in 2010.

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Jamie's ministry of food

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This is one of the best-used books in my cookbook collection. We keep coming back to the recipes we have done before. Instructions are good and the family like to eat the end product. 

Not only does it have many, good and easy recipes - it also have a purpose - to teach as many people as possible to cook a real meal - using the phrase "pass it on"

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The Bowler's meatball cookbook

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The shape is the same, but the taste and what you can do with it is greatly improved after reading this book. Take the flavours of your favourite dish and make it into meatballs!

I like that the meatballs are baked in the oven and the little test for seasoning before cooking a huge batch of meatballs.

Get the kids to help you and have some fun

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Ultimate Home Cooking

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Look at my copy of Ultimate Home Cooking by Gordon Ramsey! I like to mark recipes I want to try later with a little colourful Post-it Index strip – as you can see; I will have to come back to this book more than once.

I am sure that it helps that I have seen Gordon cook some of these dishes on TV – I know I can cook this – it looks delicious and I now want to cook it to taste it at home.

Well done Gordon – and Gordon, I like you better when you are not angry!


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Nigella Easter egg nest cake

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My version of Nigella easter egg nest cakeHappy Easter

Nigella Lawson is one of my favourite cookbook writers, the TV shows also mean that I feel I know her a little. I can hear her voice when I read out the recipes. So they are more than recipes, they are stories and a connection to another human being.

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Weber's Fresh on the Grill

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A wonderful book even if you do not have a Weber barbeque - but you have to master the technic of grilling with the lid on!

Make sure to read the chapter on Spice mix, Sauce and Relish as these gives some very useful recipes, to use regardless if you are grilling or not

I keep finding recipes in the book that I want to cook. I have already tried 12 of them and the Duck and lentils and the Spanish rice salad are family favourites.

I deliberately have two copies of this book, one at home, and one at a place we go to in the summer. I have even had it with me on travels abroad.


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Paella by Alberto Herraiz

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Paella is for outdoor living, but you can also cook a Paella rice in a frying pan in your kitchen. The key is to get startet and for that you wil need the book Paella by Alberto Herraiz.

Alberto uses some very nice technics in this book for cooking both sofrito and stocks, which are the most important part if you want a good flavour in your Paella.

He will also guide you thru many exiting variations of this famous rice dish, including sweet options.


Click on the below image for my recommended starter-kit

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