Norwegian apple cake

apple cake ready to eat 

Norwegian Apple Cake inspired by Christer Rødseth from Restaurant Fjøla in Oslo
Indulge in individual apple cakes topped with delicious caramel and served with a vanilla flavoured sour cream. Easy to make in advance and reheat in cast iron cocottes, which makes the apple cakes more fun to serve.

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South-East Paella

Paella ready to eat Paella on a plate

Inspired by Maria and Natalíe Solís Ballingers recipe for Paella de gambas con curry (curried prawn paella)

From the fantastic book; Spanish Bar & Restaurant Cooking

I did not know until a few years ago, that Paella could be much more than the seafood version with mussels, seafood and wedges of lime. The first Paella I ever tasted was much like the one mentioned above, but it kick-started me into investing in my own Paella gas cooker and multiple cookbooks on the subject.

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Bar nuts a la Union Square Café

Bar nuts a la Union Square Café

Found in Nigella Lawson’s book Nigella Bites

Feel good and make your own snack, these nuts are a real party pleaser. You can use any mix of raw nuts that you like and you can test out other spices, herbes and sugars if you want to.

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Sharing is caring

The historic reason for writing down recipes was to share, to give others the possibility to recreate a dish that was created by someone else. This is also the reason why it is allowed to copy the content and the instructions of any recipe without breaking copywriter laws – the point is to share – so I am sharing with you some of my favourite recipes.


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