• Green is the new Orange

    Green salad Eat clean with Superfoods

    Eat clean with Superfood has been added to the long list of favourite books from AWW, it is packed with very eye pleasing, healthy and delicious dinners, lunches or breakfast.

    I recommend the Mexican beef and corn salad. We used flat iron steak, which came out perfect - just look at the pictures. This was the first time I made Pepita sauce with pumpkin seed kernels, coriander etc. - very nice!

    The Salad niçoise with lentils and salmon was lovely, served as a Sunday brunch. I listened to a friend’s advice "no week-end without Champagne", served in a nice glass from Lyngby Glas

    Learn to cook without the starch and feel better - guaranteed

    Mexican beef Salad nicoise

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