2014-02-05 11.56.03

I bought a Pyrex Glass Measuring Jug very early in my cooking career and it has been a very useful utensil in my kitchen, not to mention durable.

Any time you need to prepare stock from cubes, just add hot water to the jug and let the stock cubes dissolve in the jug.

This product is useful for so many things, like when you need to measure or just store hot fluids like soup, sauce, stews. Even good for storage in the fridge with a bit of cling film over the top.

The Pyrex technic is what makes this Glass Jug so durable and capable of holding hot liquids.

These measuring jugs comes in different sizes; 1 litre, 0,50 litre and 0,25 litre – both metric and imperial measurements are printed on the jugs.

It comes highly recommended


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