Pyrex 3l

I bought my Pyrex Glass Bowls around the same time as the Pyrex Glass Measuring jug – some 20 years ago – and they are all still in daily use in the kitchen.

Everyone should have these low cost, high usage/benefit utensils in the kitchen. The most space-saving thing you can do is to buy multiple units of the same bowl etc. as they take up less space in the cupboard when they are stacked up perfectly – furthermore, great to use if you have a party or are catering for a large group of people. You will then be able to use these uniform bowls for serving anything from salads to seafood or hot food.

You need a Pyrex Glass Bowl if you are ever going to use a Bain-marie also known as a water bath or double boiler, which is perfect for melting chocolate or making sauce béarnaise



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